About Us

The Hands on Banking® / El futuro en tus manos® program is a free, engaging, and noncommercial financial education program offered as a public service by Wells Fargo. Available in both English and Spanish, the Hands on Banking program teaches people in all stages of life about the basics of responsible money management, including how to create a budget, save and invest, borrow responsibly, buy a home, and establish a small business. It is hosted on a website separate from Wells Fargo’s website and is free from Wells Fargo product and service promotion.

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Since we began Hands on Banking in 2003, we have reached nearly 9 million people with our financial education program through classes, workshops, and the Hands on Banking website. Last year more than 1.7 million people participated in Hands on Banking financial education, including through programs to help increase economic inclusion for military veterans and people with disabilities. The Hands on Banking website received more than 1.3 million unique visitors from within the United States and abroad (based on 2018 figures).

Educators across the United States use the Hands on Banking program by integrating age-specific lessons that align with various national standards into their classrooms. In addition to age-based financial courses, Hands on Banking offers specialized curricula for military personnel, veterans, and their families to meet their unique needs around planning financially for deployments, permanent changes of station (PCS), and to provide financial guidance on the transition into civilian life. The program also has specialized resources for seniors and their caregivers on the topics of elder abuse prevention, and healthy financial habits leading up to and during retirement. Entrepreneurs looking for information on starting, managing, and growing a business can leverage Hands on Banking for Entrepreneurs.

Financial education and knowledge is important for everyone; so whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, military spouse, or teenager interested in learning more about managing your money, check out the Hands on Banking program.  Take some time to explore the online program, article library, lessons, interactive activities, and more.